Mynx Academy Pole Parties!

We are offering our 1 hour private parties for up to 7 guests for $150 or our 90 minute party for up to 12 guests for $200 at this time. 

For more info on our current guidelines please see here: Home

We proudly offer Pole Parties for any occasion or no occasion at all ! Whether you are looking to celebrate a birthday, holiday,  bachelorette/bachelor party,  graduation, new job, other life event, or if you just have a group of friends that want to get together and try Pole Dancing, we are here for you! 

All body types, fitness levels and abilities, genders, and adult ages are welcome! 

We love to cater to each individual group, so we have a few options to accommodate different types. Here are our 3 basic options, but if none of these feel like the right fit, let us know and we will adjust for you.

1. Let the Good Times Pole!- This is a super fun Introduction to Pole Dance class and is recommended for groups celebrating a special occasion. Wonderfully accommodating for groups with a range of ages and fitness levels.

2. Sampler Platter of Pole!- This is also a fun Intro to Pole class designed for a group of friends who are all curious about taking extended Pole Dance classes, but wish to try it out with a crew of friends before committing to a membership or group classes. This class is also accommodating to a range of body types and fitness levels. Modifications are always offered when needed if possible.

3. Adventure (Pole!) Time for Fitness Enthusiasts!-
This party is designed for the adventurous group who are generally fit and enjoy physical challenges and learning new forms of movement. Though safety always comes first and a good foundation is important for all sports and physical art forms, the level of physical difficulty is higher for this class than the others. Recommended for those with experience in one or more of the following or other physical art forms or sports: Yoga, Acro yoga, dance, gymnastics, aerial arts, circus acrobatics, cross fit, rock climbing, bouldering, parkour, or martial arts. 

All parties consist of a fun warm-up following by a series of Pole Dance maneuvers and spins that can be strung together to create a beautiful sequence of choreography at the end. The entire time aside from the warm-up is spent learning and trying moves on the pole. Please note: Alcohol is not allowed in the studio and no one who has been drinking will be allowed  to participate. There are lots of great bars and restaurants within a couple of blocks of the studio. We recommend planning lunch or dinner for after your party. 

We DO allow up to 3 guests who are not participating to attend the party if desired, however they are included in the maximum number of guests for the party which at this time is 7. We can make no exceptions on this number. Thank you for understanding.We reserve the following times for private parties, but we do make exceptions so please don't hesitate to inquire about a time not listed here. You may choose any start time within the following ranges. If your request is not available we will contact you with the closest available options. :

Fridays: Start times from Noon- 4 pm

Saturdays: Start times from 1 pm- 8pm

There are also some weekday morning and afternoon times available

Once you have decided on a date, time, and party, please submit the following form. Please DO NOT make a payment until you have received confirmation that your request is available.  Once it is received you will be sent a confirmation. Upon receipt of your confirmation, half of your total balance for the party is due. The other half is due 1 week before your party date. If you submit your form less than a week from your party date, your balance will be due in full upon receipt of your confirmation. It is recommended to reserve your party a few weeks ahead of time. 

There are no refunds for cancellations less than 2 weeks away from the party date. If you have any questions or need to make changes to your reservation you may do so by contacting Michelle directly at


Please read the following for our party etiquette and  current COVID policies:

  ~Please let everyone know to wear comfortable layers of clothing and be ready to go down to shorts or leggings and tank tops. You are welcome to bring heels if your group desires. Most people choose to go barefoot.

 ~We cannot allow alcohol in the studio, nor can we let anyone participate who has been drinking or is intoxicated in any way.  We do not recommend coming with a full tummy either.

 ~If anyone in your party is expecting, please inform them that pregnant guests may participate as long as they have proof of their doctor's approval. 
 ~Please allow extra time for parking. Street parking is available and Commerce bank has lots of free public parking just a couple of blocks north of the studio. Parking behind the studio is for residents only so please do not park there.
 ~ Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time.  You are guaranteed the time slot you reserved. We cannot extend time due to tardiness. If you need extra time, it must be booked in advance.


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