I have no upper body strength and I have no dance experience and/or I’m not athletic. Do I need to be in great shape to do this?

Not at all. At Mynx Academy we will start you off with a great foundation of skills and techniques and you will build your strength safely and gradually so that you are prepared physically as you progress through our levels and variety of themed classes.

Can I come watch a class?

No. We do not allow spectators in classes to insure the comfort and safety of our students. We do offer several drop in Beginner classes that are open to anyone regardless of experience or lack of. While everyone in attendance will be participating, you always have the ability to opt out of something due to physical or mental limitations .

I’d like to lose weight and/or gain muscle, will this help me?

Yes. Pole dance is amazing for physical fitness, strength, and flexibility. However, Body appearance is not our focus. Instead we foster an attitude of appreciating what our bodies are capable of and how strong they can be. Getting you feeling comfortable in your own skin regardless of changes your body may experience through life’s journey is our goal. We consider the spectacular guns and impressive abs to be just a really nice side effect to a really fun movement based art form.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable layers of clothes and being ready to go down to shorts and tank tops. Socks and a shirt covering your shoulders for certain maneuvers are suggested but not required. Pole heels like Pleasers are always welcome but not expected or required unless the class is based in Heel work or listed as Sexy/Stripper/Erotic style. Bare feet and socks are also still welcome in these classes as well.

I’m not in good shape or I lack upper body strength. Should I work out before attending classes?

While we would never tell you NOT to workout, it isn’t necessary to be “in good shape” to start attending classes. Our Beginner techniques, tricks, spins, and ground work are all designed with conditioning in mind. You will gain strength as you need it. As you advance, cross training and taking multiple pole classes a week are good ideas but not required. You do not need to worry about this for beginning pole dance classes.

I have a lot of dance and/or aerial training already. Can I skip Beginner classes and start Pole with Intermediate or Advanced classes instead?

No. As I’m sure you understand from other art forms, it’s incredibly important to learn the basic techniques and foundation skills first. Though you may already have the body awareness , flexibility, and strength it takes to execute more advanced maneuvers, you do not yet have the basic fundamentals of pole. Though there are similarities, pole is an art form all its own.

I’m worried I’m too old to start something like this. is there an age limit?

No, we teach adults of all ages. Our classes of all levels have a VERY wide age range . The oldest poler I know is 72.It is not at ALL uncommon for people to start in their thirties and forties or beyond. An average class has someone in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond. Pole dance transcends generational boundaries.


What if I have experience; can I register for a higher level?

Of course you can! We have eight ranks at the Academy; four beginners, two intermediates, and two advanced. You will have to test into the levels, so be sure to email Michelle to set up a test date before registering. If you are a former student and you should also contact Michelle to determine which level is right for you.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Go to our registration page, fill out the form and submit. Be sure to send in your payment to secure your spot.

The class times don’t work for me, will you be offering more times?

There are three options available to you:

  • Your input is always welcome, use the box at the bottom of this page to submit suggestions of other days and times.
  • If you have a group of 8 to 10 and you would like to take a class together, email Michelle to request a specific day and time for your class.
  • You can take a private class with Michelle (more information here: Email Michelle to arrange a date and time.

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, you must be 18 to register and attend classes.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

You will forfeit your deposit for that session. The balance may be transferable with just cause, email Michelle for more information.

When do I need to register by?

Payments for the entire session must be received on the 25th of the month prior to the start of the session. So if you would like to register for the May session, you must register in April and pay by April 25th.


Most importantly, for your safety and the safety of your classmates, absolutely NO lotion or body oil; friction is your friend in pole class!

What should I wear?

Plan on wearing layers, because as you warm up you will want to be able to stay comfortable.

Beginners may want to wear yoga pants/sweats over boy shorts and a tank over a jog bra. Depending on your personal comfort, a bra and panties is a valid option.

Keep in mind that the friction of your body is what keeps you on the pole.

What should I bring?

A yoga mat to stretch on and water

Who will be there?

You! Your classmates (a maximum of 8 to 12 depending on the class), your teacher and an assistant if it is a very big group. No spectators are ever allowed.

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located in St Louis, Missouri in the South Grand business district at 3190 S. Grand Ave.

Are men allowed?

We offer classes specifically for men. As everyone’s skills progress, with everyone’s consent, more advanced classes may be mixed gender.

Do I need to wear heels?

Heels are not required. Most of our students opt to go barefoot; a few wear ballet flats or heals.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

This is not a strip inspired workout, not that there is anything wrong with that!

In the first and second sessions, you will need to expose below your mid-thigh. As you progress, you will need your inner thigh and arm pit exposed. Farther down the road you may need to expose your waist.

One of the most incredible results of pole class is that the longer you do it the less you care about people seeing your body! We know this may sound unbelievable, but it really becomes about how to master the next stunt and not what is showing!


How many people are in a class?

Beginner 1 & 2, Transwomen, and Men’s — maximum capacity is 12

Beginner 3 & 4, Intermediate 1 &2, Advanced, Open Intermediate2/Advanced — maximum capacity is 10

How are classes organized?

There are eight ranks at the Academy: four beginners, two intermediates and two advanced.

  • Beginner 1: 2 sessions (8 classes)
  • Beginner 2: 2 sessions (8 classes)
  • Beginner 3: 2 sessions (8 classes)
  • Beginner 4: You must test into intermediate, so Beginner 4 lasts as long as it takes you to pass the test.
  • Intermediate 1: You must test into advanced, so intermediate lasts as long as it takes you to pass the test

When should I arrive?

Plan to arrive a few minutes before your class starts as we will try to start class as promptly as possible. DO NOT enter the training room until the class that in session has left.