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The Mynx Pole Dance Extravaganza Live is back! The 14th Floor is scheduled for October 8th and 9th, 2021 at the gorgeous and historical Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis Mo.

The Mynx Extravaganza is a spectacle of a pole dance showcase celebrating polers of all styles, body types, adult ages, ethnicities, and genders and also serves as a benefit for the Sexual Assault Victim’s Care Unit of Call for Help, inc. We are proud to have incredible performers from all over the country and beyond participating in this event!
We are currently accepting applications to perform and they are due July 1st, 2021! 

If you would like to sign up to volunteer, sponsor, or vend, please sign up here!

If you would like to submit to perform you may do so here. Please read the following thoroughly before applying: Submission 

Potential Extravaganza Performers: 

Welcome to 14th Annual Mynx Pole Dance Extravaganza application process! 

 The Extravaganza started as a one night showcase in a small venue featuring my students and a few Strip club dancer friends of mine. 
 It has since grown into a glorious 3 show festival featuring my students, our extended Pole Family (that's you! ) and phenomenal headliners. I am blown away and so proud of what it has become and what it represents!

 From the beginning it has served not only as a student showcase but also as a benefit to the Sexual Assault Victim's Care Unit of Call For Help, Inc., a non profit organization that provides free emergency and long term counseling for victims and survivors of sexual assault, rape, and incest. Thank you for helping us continue that tradition!

 Please note that since this is a benefit, if you are selected you will not be paid for your performance. However, we do our best to set out of town performers up with housing with a local student or friend of Mynx Academy as well as provide local transportation whenever possible. 

 As this is first and foremost a student showcase,  priority will go to current Mynx Academy members and other spaces will be filled by our guests. I sincerely wish we could accept every single one of you- students or not- but unfortunately math doesn't work that way and there are only so many available slots. There are 60 available slots.

Performers will NOT be chosen based on skill level or experience , but rather on passion, creativity, commitment, entertainment quality, execution, and variety. 

  Beyond being a student showcase and benefit for a wonderful organization, the mission of the Extravaganza is to celebrate and showcase the diversity within the pole community in every way. Performers of all skill levels, genders and gender/non-gender expressions, ethnicities, body types, styles, physical abilities, and adult ages will be considered. I do not make the selections alone. A panel of Mynx Academy instructors and I will be reviewing applications. I assure you, we represent a wide variety of opinions and perspectives and each have a unique love for the art form. These are all people who are dear and near to me and they are all trustworthy. All sensitive material will be handled with care, compassion, and discretion. 

  When deciding on your concept and theme the very most important thing you can do is be true to yourself ! Do NOT do what you think you SHOULD do, but rather that thing you really WANT to do. Perhaps the thing that just won't work for any other show. Maybe you think it's too weird. Or too naked. Or not naked enough. Maybe it's the thing you want to do but are afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone or away from the style you are known for or expected to do. The thing you are excited about but maybe never thought you'd have the chance to bring to stage. This is the time to DO THAT. Be creative and make a statement. Share a story. Sexy styles, Strip tease, Comedy, Dramatic, Sporty, Contemporary, Horror, Nerdlesque, Country, Power Pole, Low Flow, and the un-labelable are ALL encouraged. Stripping is absolutely allowed and the only costume rule is that nipples and genitalia must be covered regardless of sex. Artistic content and music may be adult themed and lyrics may be sexually explicit. However, we will not accept anything deemed racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist ,or overtly misogynistic or appropriative . 

Please note: 
   Your submission video should be performed to the song you are applying with and should showcase your style, mood, energy, and skill level planned for this specific act. It should communicate your concept, theme, and/or story well. Your choreography does NOT need to be finalized, but should be a good representation of what you would bring to the stage.  

The suggested time limits are 2:30-3:00 for first time or rarely performers, and 3:30 for everyone else. This is not strict, but is a guideline. If your song is perfect at 3:37, keep it at 3:37. Groups and headliners may choose as long at 4 minutes if necessary. 3-3:30 is the general range we are going for. Submissions should be at least 2:30.

Don't forget to include your costume description and photos or sketches if applicable. We understand many costumes will not be complete at the application deadline and that is okay. But DO plan a costume that means something and goes well and makes sense with your piece. 
Please film horizontally if possible as we will mostly be reviewing these on our laptops. 

Make sure your lighting and sound is good and there are as few distractions and clutter around you as possible. Also be sure and clean your lens. We need to see you! Including your gorgeous face! 

Stage presence is important so be sure and let yours shine through in the video. Even though costumes and choreo do not need to be finished, the more you bring to life the better! Hair and makeup can go a long way to bring a story and character to life. As well as wearing something as close to your plan as possible to get your idea across. 

The Essay question is important. It is not asking why you want to perform in general but rather why you'd like to be part of this specific show.
   The shows will be held at the historical Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis, Mo. on October 8th and 9th, 2021. This is a gorgeous venue with lots of space and a huge stage. We are unsure at this time if masks will be required. But either way there is lots of space for performing , warming up and changing, plus for vendors and audience to be distanced. Please note when planning your piece- You will have one 12' Lupit pole with spin or static option center stage on rigging with lots of space all around and a hard wood floor.

Applications are due THURSDAY, JULY 1ST. You will hear back from us EITHER WAY on or before THURSDAY, JULY 22nd. 

Here is your application form: 14th Annual Mynx Extravaganza Performer Application

Studio owners, managers, friends of fellow performers- Please feel free to share this with your studios and friends! All are welcome! 
And finally, PLEASE HAVE FUN! That is the most important thing! Always, but this year more than ever. Give yourself the gift of creating something you love and want to share.

If you find yourself stressing out, remember the reason you are doing it is for the love of pole and community and to share what you have worked so hard for! I cannot wait to see what you all share with us!