Going Steady with Horchata Dentata

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Hey, Beautiful Human! Been dreaming of flying high, but nervous your body will keep you grounded?

More specifically, have you ever had the thought that "I want to learn pole, but:

  • I'm not strong enough
  • I don't have enough upper body strength
  • I need to lose weight first
  • I'm not coordinated enough

Or anything similar?

Fun fact: none of these things are true barriers, and this class is for you! 😍

Are you someone with (hidden or visible) disabilities who knows your body and doesn't want to be "encouraged" into positions that don't fit, but dream of learning about all the other ways you could possibly move with this apparatus?

This class might be for you.* 😍 

There is a world of pole available to all types of bodies at various levels. In this class, we will focus on the ways that each student can learn new pathways of moving that are respectful to the body they have.

We will explore entry and exits into traditional pole dance moves that are a good fit for the people in the room, and modify as needed.

Please note: the goal of this class is to make space for learning for those (of various body types and ability) who may need or desire a deeper breakdown of tricks, to spend more time with new material, or modifications that make sense for their bodies. If your hope is to absorb content very quickly, please consider one of our other beginner classes.

I'm so excited to move with you! 😍

*Note from instructor: 
Please reach out (horchatad@gmail.com) about specific access needs, so that, together, we can determine if this group class is the best fit for you, and make plans for a safe and enjoyable time. Also, please note that I am not a medical professional. I have 12+ years of navigating pole with my own disabled body, and 10+ years of teaching (translating pole mechanics) to various body and ability types. Please consult your Dr. if you have major concerns about this activity.  SOLD OUT! 


NOTE: This class will be Wednesdays starting March 11th.

Held at: Mynx Academy 3190 Grand Blvd
Day: Wednesday
Time: 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Price: $50