New Beginner Classes Spring 2021

published Feb. 13, 2021




      We are so pleased to announce that we will be opening 2 new Intro Beginner member pole dance classes starting the first week of March. They will both be taught by the incredible Regina Sykes, AKA Dark Angel. 

    One of these classes will be Fridays from 8:30-9:30 pm starting March 5th and the other will be Sundays from 12 pm-1 pm starting March 7th. Please only sign up for one of these at this time. Our memberships are monthly and tuition is $75 a month for one class per week. When you sign up you commit to the same class at the same time each week. You are encouraged to continue month to month. If you choose to continue you will be sent the registration form for the next month on the last week of the current month so that you may sign up to continue. Pole dance is a progressive art form and you will advance together as a class indefinitely. 

     Please note: There are over 300 people on this waiting list and spots will go to the first 7 to sign up for each class. We usually cap these classes at 12 but with our current guidelines we can only accept 7 students per class. 

    We realize these days and times will not work for everyone but we still expect these spots to go fast. Payment is required with your registration. 

    Once your registration is confirmed you will be sent a confirmation email with more details and the waiver to be filled out online. 

    Masks are required for everyone with no exceptions and should snugly fit, stay in place, and cover your nose and mouth at all times. (Water breaks are permitted.) If this is not possible for you please postpone your membership until masks are no longer required. 

    If you are interested in joining a member's class but these days and times do not work for you, no worries. I will keep you on this list and you will continue to be notified about upcoming classes. If you would like to try it out but are unsure or unable to commit to the same class each week, please refrain from signing up now and continue to wait for our drop in classes to be reinstated. Once those are reinstated you may be able to join a progressive member's class in progress once you have gained the appropriate amount of experience. If you are not on the waiting list but would like to be, please sign up here:<wbr></wbr>forms/d/1Ftk4YghXsRpx_<wbr></wbr>0qq5jqre-eq_63vWu4eGw__<wbr></wbr>Lc8l9Rc/edit