Online Classes!

published March 30, 2020

    Welcome to the Mynx Matrix!

    Your internet studio for pole, floor, and chair warm-ups, tutorials and live online classes during this PunkAss Pandemic! All taught by our experienced and passionate Mynx Academy instructors*.

    A Few Guidelines Before You Begin:
    Registration: For our pre-filmed warm-ups and tutorials there is no registration. You may just pay the instructor directly. 

    This is for our personal records only. Payments go to the instructor directly. Some Zoom classes will be private to Mynx Academy members and other instructor approved students and you will need a password to get in. If you are not a Mynx Academy member, you may contact the instructor directly for clearance. Other Zoom classes will be public and we will provide a link for you to follow. Please sign up on our Form either way. Thank you!

    Payment: These classes are donation based with a suggested amount of $5 for 30 minute classes and $10 for 60 minutes classes. However, if you are out of work and currently cannot swing this, please don't let that stop you from attending. You are still welcome! If you are the type of person that isn't comfortable with that, you may also donate to your instructor at a later date. And if you are doing well and still working, you are welcome to give more to help SPONSOR a fellow student. We respectfully request that if you are a student of a Pole Studio that is currently closed due to COVID-19 that you match your donation to us with your donation to them when possible. 
    PLEASE NOTE: Please pay the instructor of your chosen class or classes directly. Their payment info is located with their name and class descriptions.  If you wish to donate to Mynx Academy specifically, please use the payment info for Michelle Mynx.

    PREREQUISITES: Each class description will include what experience you should have for each class. Please remember that you will be doing things at your own risk. Please don't attempt anything alone if you need a spotter. Be responsible and respectful with your body. 
    How To Attend Zoom Classes: Follow the link provided next to your class choice. You do not need to be a Zoom member to attend meetings. If your class requires a password you will be prompted to provide it. If not, it will take you directly to a page with a "Join Meeting" button. All you need to do is click on that , make sure your camera is on, and your mic is OFF. If at any time during class your instructor asks for questions, they and you may both unmute your mic so that you may communicate. At all other times it should only be the instructor talking. 

    SCHEDULE: Please Note this schedule may change weekly on Sundays. Pre-filmed warm-ups and tutorials will be added as they are created so be sure and check in from time to time for new content. 

    MISSION: Mynx Academy along with all other Pole studios and is currently closed. While we do hope to offset some of our collective loss of income , our main goal is to maintain and nurture our wonderful sense of community, keep each other motivated and inspired to keep moving, provide ways for our students to continue working on what we've been working on, and see one another's smiling faces and dancing bodies. We need each other more than ever right now and we are here for you. <3

    *All instructors listed are independent contractors. Their professional, creative, and artistic content, pricing, and the donations made to them by you are theirs and theirs alone. 

    Classes are listed on the Online Options page